Thursday, August 14, 2008

Malaysia Against "Sexy Figures"

Image somewhat related. Source.

Remember that attack on shounen ai comics last month? Now, check out these two articles that were published recently in Harian Metro (Daily Metro, if translated), a local paper.

Patung Permainan Gadis Aksi Lucah (Figures of girls in sexy poses)

Koleksi anak orang kaya (Wealthy people's children's collection)

I would translate these articles for you, but Setsuna-san has already done a good job with that. You can read his posts about the articles here and here (in respective order).

Well, this is another attack on us otaku. I'm not much of a figure collector (yet), but I find it annoying and offensive that they would call figure collecting a, "minat dan hobi aneh" (weird interest and hobby).

Also, they mentioned that these figures would, "...merangsang minat remaja dan kanak-kanak kepada seks, sekali gus mendedahkan mereka kepada perlakuan tidak bermoral." (...stimulate the interest of teenagers and kids towards sex, altogether exposing them to immoral acts)

Now I say, "What about Hollywood?" Hollywood produces tons of movies with sexual elements. Sure, they cut out all the sex scenes when screening in the cinema (even after the movie is rated 18-sx), but in the same way that they try to hide those scenes, figure stores do hide their "sexy figures". So then, why do they have to shoot us down while they're doing the same thing? Because we're a minority? Because our interests are different?

At this rate, they'll start saying cosplay is influencing everyone to have sex.

On a side note, the figure I showed on top is pretty sexy cute, no?


gordon said...

Optimus Prime once said, "The freedom to collect (sexy) anime figures is the right of all otakus ( and other sentient beings)."


jian_katanasoul said...

hi, i always visit ur blog. this is the 1st comment i give... I really hate them disrespecting people hobby... as an otaku living in malaysia is hard... malaysia dun hav proper place for otaku gathering and hard to get all the manga... really few shop to go... even the a personal hobby they want to destroy... are they insane? fly kick them... and drill them in the chest..hehehe. any way like the post b4 "WE WANT THE FREEDOM"... (gundam???)

iruka said...

I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stupid right? Mentang-mentang PKR rules some part of the Klang Valley, but that doesn't mean that they should touch on the cultures of out otaku(s).

The rape/sex part concerns parents and not the child. I have never heard of any friends of mine rape people. And they love hentai!

Mizunaga said...

Yes! Freedom!

Why, thank you for always visiting. ^^

Being an otaku in Malaysia.. well, it's hard, but it does have its advantages. For example, we can very easily and freely *cough* download anime from the internet for free. I can't think of any other advantages though. ^^;

Malaysia is just a very conservative country, I guess.

Aiko said...

patung terlampau = ban!
avril lavigne = ban!
sexy = ban!
swim suit = ban!
woman = ban!

soon m'sia will become a gay country. first ever in the world history. =P

Mizunaga said...


kochi said...

Good!!!! lol

Damn!! No more pretty stuff to collect...:( [SUPPORT FREEDOM]

Totally AGREE Malaysia is just a very conservative country.

kirazzz said...

The Shop already mentioned it was sold to the adults already and NOT the children...
By the way figures are almost as same as pirated Vcds...
Malay people=Got time do stupid check on figurine but not the common Vcd...

Densha Otoko said...

This is Crap I tell Ya CRAP! . How can Malaysia do this .

There are just Figures , they wont do much harm to us and also mostly Adults collect them not just little Rich Children .

This is just Absurd and considering that I am a Muslim Otaku . Its like Racism to Toys .

Anonymous said...

Narrow minded that's what I am goign to say...

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