Saturday, September 20, 2008

Hamada Shouko

Meet Hamada Shouko, a Japanese gravure idol, race queen, and actress.


iruka said...

I would like to see more men for the obvious reasons. Haha!

But since you are into girls.. don't you like those innocent maidens like HORIKITA MAKI???!!! She's so so so so SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute!!!


Divine Fang said...

I welcome occasional gravure idol post. and the last pic is mesmerizing! *rightclicksave... drools...* :D~~~~~~

Mizunaga said...

Horikita Maki? O_o *Goes to look up info*

I like innocent maidens like Ebihara Yuri. :P

@Divine Fang,
Occasional gravure idol eh? How occasional? Once a month?

Divine Fang said...

Um... not the frequency but the 'quality' of the girls is more important :D~~~ Gomen, couldn't help drooling.

Btw, iruka mentioned Horikita Maki, she cries quite a lot and got bullied in J-drama making people call her innocent maiden I guess.

iruka said...

@Devine Fang

Ahh yes. I was in love with Maki-chan. She's too cute for me.. *drools on cute girls*

I adore Aragaki Yui and Horikita Maki.. :D

I am a straight girl.

I was just saying that if I am a guy, I would fall for those cuties. :) My brother is crazy of Gakky-chan.


Mizunaga said...

@Divine Fang,
Ah.. You said the last pic was good right? *sets that pic as the standard*

Hasper Ree said...

Wow I've always loved Japanese culture and know I have just fall in love, she is wow so cute. OK love from South America

Anonymous said...

I want to boink you :-)

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She is so cute, i wonder if you have a photo galore of this beautiful woman.

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