Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Malaysian Food 9 - Ondeh Ondeh

This here is Ondeh ondeh (also spelled as "Onde onde"), a Malaysian snack.

So, what is Ondeh ondeh?

Basically, it's a glutinous rice ball, with melted gula melaka in the center, and grated coconut on the outside. When you bite into its chewy outer layer, the sweet gula melaka oozes out, and brings a delightful sensation to your mouth.

A word of warning when eating- make sure you pop the whole thing into your mouth, otherwise the gula melaka might squirt out at someone/something. ^^;

Interested in making this snack? Well, there are lots of sources for recipes over the net, but here are a few.

Some people make ondeh ondeh using sweet potato instead. Here are some sweet potato ondeh ondeh recipes:
A bit of trivia: Do you know what causes the green color in ondeh ondeh? Ondeh ondeh is green because of the juice from the pandan leaves used in making it.


Fariz Asuka said...

Ondeh Ondeh are very nice to eat.. I didn't like the looks at first but after I tried it, I got hooked on it.. xD

And yeah, the Gula Melaka does squirt out if you never put the whole ondeh odeh into your mouth.. Once it did and hit on my cousin's face.. :P

Persocom-san said...

Nice, never had this before but I might have to make this a cooking project some day in the winter. Thanks for the recipe links! Looks yummy.

iruka said...

Made this before and it tasted awesome!! Lol. I only rolled the thing and stick the gula melaka inside. Then I popped the green balls inside the boiled water.

Hahahaha. :)
See you on Sat.

Mizunaga said...

Good thing I had people to tell me to put the whole thing in my mouth before biting. ^^;

No problem. It's really chewy. :D

Honestly, I've ever tried making them before. ^^; But judging from the recipe, it doesn't seem too hard.

Sandykun said...

Well, Indonesian Onde-Onde and Malaysian onde-onde is way too different.. ^^

We Call your onde-onde as a Klepon. Well, this snack is really a nice snack! I love it!!^^

In Indonesia, Onde-Onde is an alike-glutinous flour ball sticked with sesame in the surface and have green peal paste inside. And it fried dry and then you can enjoy it hotly.. ^^

Very Well.. ^^

Anonymous Coward said...

i like this!

easily available for me.. hehe

and yes like Fariz said, better to put it in your mouth in whole.. keke

Mizunaga said...

Ooo.. sounds delicious. :D

Availability, FTW!

Anonymous said...

actually i does not like the thing and it look original but when i first eat the filing in the ondeh ondeh was nice and i have even dream of i am eating lots of ondeh ondeh
its nice especially ondeh ondeh sold in bengawan solo

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