Thursday, December 25, 2008

Comic Fiesta 2008 - Day 2

Photo courtesy of TeeJ

Finally, it's time for day 2 coverage of CF. Having already covered the booths and convention site in my day 1 post, this post focuses on the cosplay aspect of the event and my failtography.

I arrived later on this day, (sometime after noon) because I had some business to attend to in the morning. Upon entering the convention hall, it's straight off to snapping pictures of cosplayers.

Alfred was wearing a skirt for the day. lol

Some of the better Kuroshitsuji cosplayers there, IMO. Sebastian needs evil smile.

When Yoite was still pointing fingers, he would frown, no?

Day 2 featured the Solo category cosplay competition. There were tons of contestants- about 55 of them, IIRC.

This is how small the Krauser II cosplayer really was.

Trap Haruhi #2!

Soul and Black Star embracing each other and making a scene on stage. I lol'd

Asura cosplayer is awesome

Trap Lenalee! This is the third trap I've posted in my CF posts.

The crowd on day 2 was much larger than the crowd on day 1.

Loli Sheryl is cute!

Shinigami-sama also had a damaged mask, but I did not see him wear it.

There were several song performances by some cosplayers. Naturally, Sheryl Nome was one of them.

And strangely, Ranka Lee didn't give a solo performance. :(

Emcees playing some games with the members of the crowd. In this game, you had to be the first to fold the Foldees voucher into an origami paper crane.

This cute loli, Elsa, played as well, but she ended up folding a paper boat. ^^;

After the game ended, it was time to present the awards to the winners of the competitions. Though I did not get pictures of all the award winners, here they are:

Art Competition
Over-18 Category
Grand Prize: Roden Chong Yii Siang (Roden)
First Prize: Sinn Chun Hou (Sitomize)
Second Prize: ">Fung Kin Chew (Santa Fung)

Under-18 Category
Grand Prize: Sonia Dai (Pochi)
First Prize: Low Soon Yie (Pyromaniac03)
Second Prize: Ain Hafizah bt Mohd Saadon (Lavendra)

Comic Competition
Coffy Award - Sou (Yam Gene Group)
Tea Award - Leong Tze Lin (Noir Mystere Group)
Merchandise Award - Loo Sooyan (Meowed Group)

Cosplay Competition
Best Cosplayer: Skye (Sheryl Nome from Macross Frontier)
Honourable Mention: Zend (Nemesis from Resident Evil 3)
Honourable Mention: Dusty (Yuna from Final Fantasy X-2)
Best in Hall: Pinky (Ashura from RG Veda)
Best Group Cosplay: D. Gray Man Group

After the awards presentation, they had the final performance: "Lion" by Sheryl Nome, Sheryl Nome, Tako, Ranka, and Ranka's mom.

Video thanks to swordlink93

Group photos on-stage. Because of rain outside, the roof was leaking at this point. lol

Though CF08 had officially ended, there were still some cosplayers I hadn't gotten photos of, and so I went around and hunted down took pictures of them.

As I continued to look for cosplayers, a familiar song started playing...


And that ends my coverage of CF08. ^^

This was my first time attending the Comic Fiesta, and I must say, it was a very enjoyable event. To be honest, I had expected fail and such, but it turned out good. Definitely worth the entry fee. XD

Comic Fiesta Day 2 complete photo album

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Panther said...

Ok lol Kishin cosplayer. Also, Black Star is holding the next form of Tsubaki. A nice touch.

And I actually thought trap Lenalee was female until I read the description. Totally WTF.

gordon said...

wow, i see some familiar singapore cosplayers from AFA08.

Shin said...

I've seen that Lenalee cosplayer around various cons so I wasn't fooled, even though I'd hit it, regardless. I wish we were a little less biased and took cosplayers outside our favorites :/

AK said...

I lol'd at the Faust cosplay. Pretty nice coverage, but you could still improve a lot in your photography. You show much potential ;).

Kazearashi said...

zomg it's too dangerous, too many traps...

*bailing out*

But I do see a lot more cosplayers here... GJ! =D

iruka said...

But.. but.. Did you see the super ultra-friggin' cute Allen Walker??

Did you??! ;D

I fell in love with him at first sight.

Mizunaga said...

When I saw that Black Star cosplayer, I was like, "ZOMG SPOILER." :\

Yeah. I recognized some of them too.

Ok, admittedly, I was rather biased in choosing which pictures appeared in the post. But these photos are some of the better ones, and if you visit my album, you can still see the other cosplayers. I had originally intended to post 100+ pictures here. ^^;

Yeah, my photography needs serious work. :( During this event, I tried to capture a clear background as well, instead of just the cosplayer (because I prefer it that way), and so I set my camera for a higher exposure time. That, +shaky hands = bad pictures. Next time, I will care much less about the background, and make sure my photos are clear instead lol.

I was pretty amused with the amount of traps too.

I think I did? lol

malzias said...

Loli Sheryl and Rikku are cute <3

Yee said...

It was my birthday that day :(
I wanted to go so badly,but my mom was busy
Thanks for the coverage.You did a great job :]

duckie said...

LOOOOVED the cosplay of Shinigami-sama. By far the best for me! Although I know he was probably very simple to make in comparison to a lot of the rest.

bakamaru said...

OMG I feel so flattered in some way >///<
Orz "Asura cosplayer is awesome" eeee~~~
Thank you so much >u<~~

Yeah just to let you know I was the bending Asura from CF 08 XD ahahaha

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