Sunday, July 6, 2014


I'm back!

After being gone from the blogging scene (well, I guess there's not much of a scene now anymore) for about 3 years or so, I've decided to get back on it.

Back then, I probably took up blogging because it was the popular thing to do. Although I truly did love anime, I never really was as much of a fanatic as certain other bloggers were. Perhaps, more accurate to say, I liked anime. And I tried hard to create a high-traffic blog where I could share my opinions on anime.

Eventually, because of another certain blogger's influence, I tried to monetize the blog. And then I grew to just wanting to be famous. All that desire to just generate hits eventually led me to become very impersonal with the anime I so loved. It wasn't so much about what I thought, as it was "what's going to keep readers interested?" and "what's going to generate views?".

Watching anime eventually became a drag, as the only thing I was paying attention to was what jokes to make out of the episode. That eventually carried on into my blogging, where I just got so tired of taking screep caps, uploading them all onto a post, and struggling with the post editor to get all the formatting right. The local anime scene became something of a nightmare to me. The public was starting to assimilate the culture (boo! mainstream!), and the people that had anything worth saying still seemed as elitist to me as before (though, I'm pretty sure it was just that I was too much of a coward to try and join in).

Slowly, I began to drift away from the scene, and after some time of sporadic posting, breakups in the blogging community of the time, and a growing interest in real life, threw in the towel altogether.

I did, however, continue watching anime. I've also made some pretty close friends from talking about anime with them. Anime became fun again. I didn't have to read into every line to try and find a joke to make out of it. I could just sit back, watch, and enjoy.

All this while, I did think about getting back to my blog. I thought about it several times. But it was mostly thoughts along the lines of, "alright, I want to get something productive done" or "I'm going to do it to prove that I'm not just a lazy guy."

But blogs don't start/revive on half-assed motivation like that.

So what's driving me to start it back up now? Simple. My love for anime.
I'd still reckon I don't love anime as much as some still-active bloggers I know of. I don't know the names of producers, animators, illustrators, and only recognize certain famous seiyuu by their names (I can, however, recognize a lot more voices and link characters that have the same seiyuu). But having gotten involved in a small anime-fan community my friend started, I realized I'm not satisfied after all. That community (that I'm still in) is great and all, but they're (and this is definitely an overgeneralization) almost more like casual viewers that have watched a lot, but don't have much to say about it.

So here I am now. I've cleared up a lot of old, irrelevant posts. Cleaned up my blogroll, and given the blog a fresh look I'll get around to giving the blog a fresh look... eventually. This time, what I'll be doing with the blog is posting anime reviews after I finish the series (perhaps doing some occasional short first-impression posts). To me, episodics don't really make sense anymore. If you were a previous visitor to this blog, scratch out all that you've known about it. Now this blog is a more dedicated anime blog, with occasional side ramblings. I'll probably be off to a slow start again, but this time round, I know what I want out of this blog.

So here's to you, my future readers and community -

P.S. I'm going to be running this blog just for the fun of it. As such, don't expect regular updates, as I'll be posting just whenever I see fit.

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